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Project: NightMareZ : 2015

Project: NightmareZ
Genre: Platformer/Action/ Retro
Development Stage: BETA 

27th August, 2016:
NightmareZ final version is ready for release on Steam. Here is a breakdown of features added to the game during the final month of the development of the game:
1. Added key collection GUI which records how many keys have been collected or used up.
2. Boost in performance.
3. Correction of some dialogue errors.
4. Fixed bugs and hopefully there are no bugs present.
5. Added some achievements for raising customer's interest.
Steam Features added for the game:
1. Steam Achievements
2. Steam Trading Cards for the gamers who love to collect them.

NightmareZ will be released on 8th September, 2016 both on Steam and on Amaxang Games and all other stores like Itchio, Indiegamestand. I am currently working on adding more store and purchasing options for the customers. I might join Indiegala and HumbleBundle or Bundlestar stores

I hope you will enjoy the game and I will provide a few updates after the game is finally released on professional storefront! Happy Gaming! :)          

23rd July, 2016:
I am constantly moving towards the final release of NightmareZ. A few more features and it will be over! NightmareZ V1.3.1 will be released at the end of this month. The final version is expected to be released either in August or September, 2016. Thanks to your patience!  

26th June,2016:
V1.3 has been released on my website and Indiegamestand store. The update will be available on Itchio store on 30th June, 2016. Many features have been successfully added which are mentioned below:
>Some bugs have been fixed!
>Pause menu has been added! You can pause the game, pressing 'P' key.
>Mission objectives and level instructions have been added!
>Powerups achievement has been added!
>Dialogues have been revised and corrected!

>The rest of the storyline has been finished!
>Level design have been improved a bit!
>The game performance has been boosted!
>3 New levels have been added including 1 Boss Level!
>Some Future updates might be available!
>The future updates will include some bug fixes and features.

>This version will be treated as the final version of the game and a few updates will be available in future. I will start working on my next game this July. 

17th June, 2016:
In order to add level instructions, I have decided to use Mission objective styles. That means, there will be instructions and mission objectives before each level starts. This will help the players to decided what to do in order to go to next level. There will be some Hints too! So, it will be convenient for the gamers to play through the game easily and with full understanding. The game will get improved with time. So, please be patient until I introduce more features. A new build of the game is planned to be released in the end of June or in the beginning of July. This might be the final release. However, some updates will be available after it's released. However, the Steam release can be a bit late. The planned release date on Steam is either in September or in October, 2016.

12th June, 2016:
NightmareZ is currently on Steam Greenlight. The voting process is going too slowly but I hope that the game will soon get on Steam. Meanwhile, I am working on the game to make it better. The features on which I am currently working are mentioned below:
1. Adding inbuilt achievements(Not Steam Achievements).
2. Load and save feature.
3. Instruction and warning texts for imparting more originality into the game.   

26th May,2016:
NightmareZ Greenlight campaign will be live on 1st June, 2016 on Steam. You can vote for the game if you want it to be on Steam store. However, the release date of the game will be a bit late on Steam in compared to that of the main website. That means, the game file can be purchased and downloaded early on my website than on Steam since I have to introduce the Steam Achievements and trading cards. It will take some time. Thanks to your patience!

20th May, 2016:
I am working on the bugs fixing and adding a few features. I am also improving the particle effects which are quite necessary in this game. I have added a new GUI for Chat box in the game. It has been improved. However, before I put my game on Steam Greenlight, final changes need to be finalized.
Planned features:
>Adding instruction texts.
>Adding achievements within the game like "power unlocked."
>Boosting performance.
>Adding GamePad support. 
The Dark city level is currenlty under development. Here is a short gameplay video of this level:
More updates will soon be provided!

8th May, 2016:
All the levels have been finished. Now, I am working on Storyline part. The final story line of NightmareZ should end mysteriously. I mean, there will be a suspense which will continue with NightmareZ 2(As planned). The BOSS is hiding in a lab from which he is operating all the demons. Here is an image of the lab:
More updates will soon be provided! So, stay tuned!  

30th April, 2016:
I am actively working on NightmareZ with an aim of finishing it as soon as possible. These are the features which will be added/improved:
  • More 3 levels to be added(including BOSS level).
  • A huge boost in performance removing sleep functionality.
  • Addition of NEW enemies and traps.(A new gameplay video will be posted here soon.)
  • Creating a heart-touching Ending and an engaging story line for better understanding the subject behind the game.
  • A suspense at the end.(Let it be a secret.)
 More updates will soon be provided. So, stay tuned!

27th April, 2016:
A lot of work has been done within a week. So, the level design of the final level is nearly done. As per my decision, there will be 13 levels in this game and not 12 levels(which was primarily planned). So, 13th level will be the BOSS fight as you might have presumed. Since, this game is story driven. There will be the cut-scenes at the end which should be heart touching. The story is like, "Demons can not feel the sorrow and fear. But there is an unusual trait which he has got from his ancestors that is, the feeling of sorrow for others." There is a twist at the end. So, more updates will soon be provided! Stay tuned guys!

Here is the final enemy, I am working on. It's incomplete.

15th April, 2016:
The background image was oversaturated with colors. So, according to the feedback of some developers and gamer, I have changed the the background image along with some polishing without changing the gameplay mechanics. The game is nearly done but I am currently working on Level design and much more stuff are coming soon in NightmareZ v1.3.0.0. This is most probably the final version of NightmareZ. However, future updates might be available for customers. Here are some screenshots of the  level - The Dark City.

 More updates will soon be provided! So, stay tuned guys!

12th April, 2016:
I am working on 11th level of NightmareZ. I have started designing the levels which has not been finished yet. Since, I have decided to put NightmareZ on Steam Greenlight. I need to fix most of the bugs and more importantly finish the game. I hopefully can finish the game within May or June. Some major changes are being made to the game. Since, I will upgrade the game engine, I need to fix some bugs which might be caused due to the sudden upgrade. This will make the game stable in most of the PCs without any performance issues. Here is a screenshot shown below:
More updates will soon be provided! So, stay tuned! Instead of releasing a small update(V1.2.3) I have decided to release the game after major changes(V1.3.0), 

7th April, 2016:
The development of NightmareZ is at it's peak! I have decided to put NightmareZ on Steam Greenlight! Yes, you heard it right. This game will be available on Steam, the biggest PC Gaming platform. However, It will take a few more months to finish the game. I will release a new update on itchio on the day I release my game on Steam if it gets Greenlight. The Boss of level 11 is being animated. Here is how the boss looks(non-animated). There are more features coming soon as the development progresses. Thanks for your patience! More updates coming soon!
23rd March, 2016:
Since, NightmareZ is currently under development, so I have decided to make promo materials too! I have started uploading them and I will show those animated images and videos after I finish the game. Since, any of you still follows this blog, I would be glad to upload one for you here! :)

13th March, 2016:
The development process of NightmareZ still continues. So, if you think that the project is dead, then, you are absolutely wrong. I have already started making level 11 of NightmareZ. I will soon post an update of enemy animations and how they will attack the player. However, not all scenes will be revealed until the full release of this game. 
Features Planned:
Adding more efficient enemies with unique AI(Artificial Intelligence), and adding more Bosses in levels. Others are surprise, I will reveal that on 30th March, 2016. However, it will take some weeks to finish. Would you like to see more out of this game? Follow the development process because more features are coming soon!

Note to Buyers: If you have bought this game while it was available on Early Access, then, you will get the final version of the game for free! If you have not purchased the game yet, buy it now on store.    
7th March, 2016
I had postponed the development in January, 2016. However, I have started planning final two levels of the game project in February, 2016. Now, I am currently working on the project and implementing new features and I hope this time, I will fix all the bugs and I will get this game to the top if possible. I will start promoting this game from the middle of March so that I can get as many feedback as possible. This will help bring in more features in NightmareZ 2, the sequel to the original game NightmareZ. I might release this game on Steam Greenlight if I get a way to do. I am currently working on Graphics design and after finishing the graphics part I will move on to the programming part. 
I am working on designing on a ball of Meteor here:
 Now, I will add some fire animation effects along with lighting effects to make give it a realistic look. However, it will take some time to make more graphics. More updates will soon be provided! 

1st December, 2015:
I have only 25 days remaining for releasing a new build of NightmareZ. I have just began designing a new level called "The Dark City". It's really at a very early stage, so it might look unfinished but I am posting the image to show how the level design looks given below:
  Your opinions are welcome! Stay tuned for more updates!
28th November, 2015:
Finally, I have started working on 11th level of NightmareZ! There will be a huge update by 25th December, 2015 for NightmareZ. At first, I have to make some tile sets and some objects. Designing the level takes a lot of time. This level will be completely different from others. I guess this will attract more attention from the people who have not yet tried out the game. The development will take 2 months for its complete release! 
I will soon upload some screenshots of the new level when the level is partly designed. I am working hard to make this game a success! I am trying to reach as many people as possible. Any support would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you. 

20th November, 2015:
Hi everyone!

I have decided to expand NightmareZ by adding two new levels and this will be the end of NightmareZ! In the following year, that is, in December 2016, I have decided to release NightmareZ 2. I have not started with the development of NightmareZ 2 yet. But I have decided to make a sequel of this game since this game has been well perceived by the people who bought and played the game. 

The next level which I am going to add will be completely different from all the levels of NightmareZ! I am really excited and I would like to see what happens. I will keep posting images and gif images and videos here to show you how the game is improving. It might attract more players in future.

Stay Tuned guys for updates!     

19th November, 2015:
Hi everyone!
There's a good news! The game NightmareZ has already been sold on itchio! I am trying to find as many players a possible for my game. I don't have any publishers and I myself publish games on stores. However, I need to get more attention for better results!

More updates will soon be provided!  

22nd October, 2015:
I am now in a process of designing and testing the game. The designing is now over for now. V1.2.2 will be released this week hopefully. I hope some people will find it interesting and some of them might try it out. Next, I need to create a new game trailer for NightmareZ! But here is a small gif for you:
Thank you! More updates will be provided soon!
16th October, 2015:
The new cover image for NightmareZ is ready! I can now start filling the levels with the traps and enemies. This will keep the players busy while playing this game. Interaction is important for a game. This is what I think the people wants for fun. V1.2.2 will be having many great features which have not been introduced before.
Here is the cover image of NightmareZ:
More updates will be provided soon!

11th October, 2015:
Many changes have been made to the game and I am going to release a new updated version of NightmareZ whose version will be V1.2.2! No new level will be added to V1.2.2 but the existing features will be improved and these changes will be final for the existing levels. 

My priorities are mentioned below:
-Improving lighting effects!
-Improving graphics with special effects!
-Adding new objects like Barrels, pictures(wall), fans(animated), and various kinds of lighting effects!
-Optimizing for better performance!

Take a look at the screenshots:
More updates to be provided soon! 

7th October, 2015:
I have decided to extend NightmareZ with new 5 levels after the release of V1.2.2. 
Features of V1.2.2:
- Some major changes including the improvement of lighting effects and making the area darker than usual. That means the areas which are exposed to light is visible only otherwise not.
- Introducing some new traps and missions!
- Changing the cover image.
- Performance is the big factor here. This game will be compatible with PC having at lease 2GB of RAM and 512MB of Graphics Memory.
Some images to show:

More updates will be provided soon!

6th October, 2015:
This game is becoming harder! That means, the levels are designed in such a way that the people will find it too difficult. Not to worry, I am going to add a new achievement system like High Scores and Trophies! This will increase the player's confidence! The more you try, the more you can explore and more you attain the score!

The game mechanics is that, the score will rise till you die. That means, your score will increase automatically and if you attain high score or not, will be determined when the game is over. The more you survive, the more you attain the score.

Some new features are being added! A screenshot is given below:
The darker rooms and mystery.
More updates will soon be provided! 

5th October, 2015:
This is just the beginning of modification. The changes which have been made are stated below:

As a lead developer of NightmareZ, I am now working hard to improve the graphics quality lighting effects and GUI. Since it is undergoing major changes as it will completely change almost everything in the game regardless of story and gameplay mechanics. According to the suggestions of some play-testers, I have started modifying and improving some aspects of the game. 

First of all, I have modified the GUI and increased the field of view of the game when played in Full Screen Mode! The screenshot given below shows the feature:
Secondly, I am trying my best to improve the lighting effects of the game. This will actually change the look to the greater extent.
 Next, I have added some new objects(However, more objects and traps will be added as planned!). Some thumbs have been added! These objects making the environment more mysterious and scary. The screenshot is shown below:
More updates will soon be provided! 

3rd October, 2015:
The campaign was unsuccessful but still the development continues! This game is not dead! Not Yet! I am back with new features like improved GUI, introducing new objects, improving lighting effects and improving level design. I will make this game more than challenging! 

More changes will be stated here and I will soon be able to release a new update for this game!

15th September, 2015:
Finally, The Campaign has ended. It was unsuccessful. It was expected since it was my first crowdfunding campaign and I could not promote the campaign. That does not matter anymore. I will do all the artwork and animation and everything. $1(which I have raised with it) will be invested in this game project to make it better. I will try my best to make this game more enjoyable. The GUI and Graphics quality will be enhanced a bit. So, be prepared for that!

10th September, 2015:
I am now creating a new level of NightmareZ and improving the overall game lighting effects. Since, the lighting will give a special effect to the game. I can show you some screenshots here:

  More updates will soon be provided. A surprise is waiting for all of you! "The Dark City!".

8th September, 2015: 
I have only a week to raise funds but unfortunately, my campaign will be unsuccessful. It was expected since this is my first and last crowdfunding campaign. However, I hope I will never have to do a crowdfunding campaign ever again. I will find supporters for my game project soon. I have already started developing NightmareZ to make it more and more engaging and enjoyable. I will post devlogs and updates at as many places as possible with the hope of getting this game to a huge audience. But the success is near guys! I am working on this game as hard as I can and I will be able to finish it by May, 2016. Yeah, 1.5 years development is enough for making a decent game. I will constantly release new builds roughly once in every 2 months.
Thanks to those who have supported my game project! 
18th July, 2015:
NightmareZ Demo game is now available for free on Gamejolt! Try it out guys and yes, provide feedback if you wish.
Stay tuned guys more updates will be provided soon! 

17th July, 2015:
Finally, the game is running smoothly in Windows 8 and 8.1 versions! It is also expected that this game will run in almost all versions of Windows including Windows 10. This game has been tested in Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP! and thus, it is concluded that this game will work just fine in any Windows machine. 

Some of the features have been added/removed due to some technical and compatibility issues. These features are:
Loading And Saving system.
Life system has not been introduced due to the compatibility issues in Windows 8 and 8.1.

But as a resolve, I have increased the health and energy content of the player to make the game a bit easier than what it was before!

A skip dialogue feature has been added with which one can skip the dialogue for avoiding time wastage. Storyline is not required every time you play the game.

Here is a screenshot of the controls:

Thanks for taking a look at my Devlog. Please stay tuned guys, more updates will be provided soon.  

16th July, 2015:
While playtesting NightmareZ game, I have found some game crashing bug which occurs especially in Windows 8 and 8.1. So, I will get this bugs fixed. More features are coming soon in NightmareZ V1.2.1. This includes bugs fixing and some added features. 

Here is what one of my playtester has shown:

Features coming soon in V1.2.1:
1. Addition of player's life system. It is required since the game is too hard!

2. Adding a "Skip" feature for dialogues. So that, the player skip the dialogues.

Thank you everyone who have provided the feedback and it is really helpful for the improvement of my game. Stay tuned guys for more updates! 

15th July, 2015:
NightmareZ V1.2 has been released on itchio and on my website. For further development, we need some fund to complete the game. So, if you want to help me, please purchase a copy of NightmareZ available only for $3.59. I want to finish the game as soon as possible. Please check this link out: 

Thank you. For more updates, stay tuned guys! If you help me guys, it would be even better and I will be grateful to you forever. I don't use Patreon so this is the only way you can help me

14th July, 2015:
NightmareZ V1.2 has been finally done and tested! Now, I am ready to release this version soon. It will be late because has recently received DOS attack. So, the server is down right now. When that game store is up, I will upload the game and release it. Hope to see you soon!
For more updates, stay tuned guys! 

13th July, 2015:
Since I have to release the game soon, today I have completed designing the Boss Level and I am now choosing screenshots which will be made public soon. I would like to show you a screenshot where the player is in between two demon eaters. Take a look at the screenshot given below:
"Eat Me if you can!"

More updates will be provided soon! Stay tuned guys! 

12th July, 2015:
Today, I have created a new conversation between the player and the Boss of "Land of Snow - Final Phase". Boss level designing is nearly complete and I hope I would be able to release this game by 20th July, 2015. Great, isn't it? Please take a look at the screenshot given below:

  The boss appears all of a sudden from the dark and a creepy sound comes out from nowhere!
I want to say that NightmareZ V1.2 is far better than NightmareZ V1.1! Many features have been included! If you want to purchase the game when it is released, please let me know by voting(Given at the right side of this page). I too need some support as a game developer so that I can further improve this game.

With the release of NightmareZ V1.2, I hope to have some players to play this game. By purchasing the full version, it is assured that you will get all the future versions for free and this support will definitely help me improve the game more and more! Please, let me know if you are interested in this game.
Twitter users can follow me if you want to know when this game is released. :)
Follow me on Twitter: 

More updates will be provided soon! Stay tuned guys! Don't forget to vote please.

11th July, 2015:
Today, I have designed the cover image of the game, NightmareZ! Menu system has been changed as well. This changes have created a unique picture of the game. I would definitely show you the NEW cover image created for NightmareZ V1.2 and onwards. 
I would like to tell you about the release date of NightmareZ V1.2! It is expected to be released on 20th July, 2015. However, this date might be changed anytime for any reason. Take a look at the cover image:

After Adding Face Expressions:

More updates will be provided soon! Please vote.   

10th July, 2015:
 I have just started redesigning the cover image and menu system. I am trying to make Menus more advanced. I am not posting screenshots today but I hope I will be able to complete it by tomorrow. I would give a bigger update for this game tomorrow. There is a good news for all of you! I will release NightmareZ V1.2 within this month. I will mention the date of release tomorrow.

More updates will soon be provided and stay tuned guys!

9th July, 2015:
Today, I have created some gif images for showing some part of the game in motion. I have also created a new video showing the level, "The Land of Snow - Phase 2". Please watch the video since it will give you an idea about the game.
Here are two gif images showing the part of gameplay:

I have also uploaded a video. Watch it here:

I have a plan of designing the level called "The Land of Snow - Final Phase". This is the level where the player will interact with the Boss. I have decided to show you the model I have created to use it in the game. Currently, it has not been animated yet. But it will be animated soon.
The image has been shown below:
The image given above shows how the Boss will look like in that level. This will be the most dangerous enemy of all times in NightmareZ V1.2!

More updates will soon be provided! So, stay tuned guys! If you are interested in this game, please vote.

8th July, 2015:
Today, A new monster(Demon Eater) has arrived to "Land of Snow - Phase 2" and a NEW DEADLY trap has been added which are awaiting for the player at once! The lighting effects have been added to old as well as new levels. Some screenshots are shown below:
The beast(Demon Eater) is really dangerous. It's called "Venus Demon Trap". These kind of beasts can move freely both in ground and air. They are one of the formidable enemies which can't be destroyed easily. Only the player's demonic power can have some effect. The screenshot give below shows the monster rushing towards the player to eat.

 The player wins only when he escapes through the exit door. The screenshot shows the exit.
More updates will soon be provided! Stay tuned! Check out this devlog everyday for updates! Please vote if you would like to buy this game when it is released.(Given at the right side.)

7th July, 2015:
Today, I have added lighting effect in the old level of NightmareZ called " The Land of Hell". I am trying to improve the graphics quality and obviously the lighting effect. Some images of the level has been provided below:

More updates will soon be provided! Please let me know if you would like to buy NightmareZ game when it is released by voting given at the right side. 

6th July, 2015:
Today, I am designing a new level " The Land of Snow - Phase 2 : Eskimo". Many changes have been made to some of the levels. A new lighting effect has been added which looks adorable. I would try to improve the graphics quality as far as possible. Here are some screenshots showing the level.

Another level have been redesigned. Here are some screenshots given below:

The game is auto-saved at certain position of the level. When the player lose, the player can restart the mission from the place last saved. Now, the player can load the last saved game. A screenshot shows that "Load Game" feature added in V1.2!
More updates will soon be provided! So, stay tuned! Please let me know if you would like to buy the game when it is released by choosing the options given at the right side. There are five options. Choose any one and vote please.

5th July, 2015:
Today, I have started designing the next level " The Land of Snow - Phase 2". The Eskimo looks bigger from inside and smaller from outside. I have just started designing it and it has not been finished yet. In this level, the player has to escape Eskimo as quickly as possible and he must avoid the bombs which are falling on the bridge. The bridge is broken at some places where the player must jump. Otherwise, the player will fall down the bride and immerse in acid. 
Here is a screenshot showing the part of the level below:
 More updates will be provided soon! Stay tuned guys!

4th July, 2015:
I have added some dialogue system in the game and arranged them according to the situation and story. There is a pleasant music when the dialogue shows up. I am now going to design the next level called "The Land of Snow - Phase 2 : The Eskimo". The player have to explore Eskimo and its hidden zombies. More information about this level will be mentioned in my next post.
Here is a screenshot showing a dialogue during the conversation between the player and his guide, saint, the worshiper of truth.
 More updates will soon be provided. Please check this devlog out everyday for latest news and updates.

3rd July, 2015:
Today, I have completed designing of level " The Land of Snow - Phase 1" and I have also fixed some bugs. In order to go to next level, the door must be opened at any cost. When the door is opened, the player can enter into Eskimo. It looks smaller from outside. But when the player enters the Eskimo, a large area gets discovered immediately. More information about the Eskimo will soon be provided.
Here are some screenshots showing some part of this level. 

More updates will soon be provided! Please don't forget to check out this devlog everyday.

2nd July, 2015:
Today, I have completed level designing for "The Land of Snow - Phase 1". It was an awesome experience and the level designing has been done with special care. In this level, there is a locked door which must be unlocked. In order to open the door, the player must find 15 snowman statues. Here are some screenshots and gif animated images which will give you the clear idea about this new level. You can also see the player in action.

Here are some gif(s):

More updates will soon be provided. Check out this blog everyday for updates!

1st July, 2015:
Today, I have worked on level designing and character making stuffs. Yes, I've created another new character called Bunza, a zombie which makes sudden appearance at various stages of the level. Bunza is a special kind of enemy which can't be destroyed by bullets or by multiple enemy killer technique. It can only be killed by the use of alternate demonic power. This alternate power can be summoned by pressing 'X' key.
I have also added a new mission which I had told already in my previous post. According to this mission, the player has to find out the snowman statues hidden within the level. There are 15 snowman statues to find out. If you can discover all the statues the locked door will open up. 

More updates will soon be available. Don't forget to check out this blog every day if you are interested in this game. 

30th June, 2015:
Today, I could not do much for the development since I was busy with other works. However, I have designed the level, 'The Land of Snow'. But it may still undergo some changes. I have decided to add a mission to this level. There is a locked door which leads to the next level. In order to open the door, the player have to find out the snowman hidden within the whole scenario. When all the snowman statues are found, the door will be unlocked. These snowman statues are nothing but magical key which can be used to open the locked door. The snowman would be hidden at various parts of the level which can't be found easily. The platforms are also designed in a twisted manner.

More updates will soon be provided. So, stay tuned!  

29th June, 2015:
Today, I have done a lot of work. Cool isn't it? There are more features which are being added. Today, I have added a new flying monster which can fly here and there along the sky. There are also a demon enemy shooting the player constantly. There are U-shaped magnets which are placed in such a way that the rotating saws can be attracted by them. The two U-Magnets are placed at either ends and the saw is kept in between them and the saw moves depending upon the magnetic attraction. If one of the two U-Magnet have less attractive power the saw will move towards the U Magnet having more attractive power. This is how this mechanics works. I don't know whether this mechanics have been used in other games or not but it is something I have never tried before. It turned out to be interesting and at the same time, it's hard to avoid the moving saws. If by any chance, the player collides with any one of them, the game would be over!

Here are the two screenshots given below:

More updates will soon be provided. Don't forget to check out this devlog everyday!

28th June, 2015:
Today, I have done a lot of work starting from level designing and character making. I have just made a enemy who is able to shoot the player and a centipede which just moves left and right. This level is too big and hence, it will take time to design the level. 

Interesting feature to be added to this level:
I will add a flying creature which can cause severe damage at once because they will be having a suicidal bomb which will be activated after it is killed. 

More updates will be provided soon! So, stay tuned!

27th June, 2015:
Today, I am working on a new level called 'The Land of Snow' - Phase 1. In the previous day, I had completed making a background graphics of the game. I have just started designing the level. So, it might appear to be very basic but it will soon gain a professional look. Here is the image which shows very first part of the level, 'The Land of Snow'

What can you see in the image?
The same background image which I have shown in the previous day. There are also some snow covered platforms and a few trees. I have also added a snow fall effect which makes the game more interesting. However, the level design is still incomplete. But rest assured, the result will be appealing. I am working hard to design this level and I am trying to introduce new characters here. 

More updates will soon be provided! Please don't forget to check out this blog everyday if you are interested in this game. 

26th June, 2015:
Today, there is an update for NightmareZ. I have already introduced the new kind of shooting ability for the player. Finally, I have started working on a new level called ' The Land of Snow'. This is a level which shows cold weather with snowy hills and land representing the winter season. I have already created the background image(given below) of the level. It is incomplete but is viewable:
This should be unique level where the player have to kill different monsters. There are more to go! So, stay tuned guys! Don't forget to check out this development blog daily. Updates will be provided as frequently as possible.

25th June, 2015:
I have recently added a new feature in this game. So, I want to show you the player's another amazing power. Now, the player has the power of shooting the enemies even when the player is rotating. 

Mechanics: This is a technique by which the power splits into eight bullets. However, it costs only 2 Bullets. The power of two bullets split into eight bullets which have less damaging power but effective when there are more enemies around the player. 

Here is a gif, which clearly shows the player's special power.

Stay tuned for more updates! Updates Everyday!
24th June, 2015:
The game has been released already but it is at BETA stage. So, I am going to introduce the main features of NightmareZ which might be very challenging. Here are some future updates which are coming soon!

Features Coming Soon:
1. Movements(Controls) will be made smoother and easier. 
2. Capability of shooting powerful bullets while in the air even when the player rotates.[All Direction Shooting Skill] 
3. Creating checkpoints so that the game is automatically saved at certain stage of each level. 
4. Adding more levels. 
5. Some new characters and some secret bonuses. 

Features are coming soon in NightmareZ V1.2. 

30th April, 2015:
I have recently released NightmareZ V1.1 with many bugs fixed and with added features. Now, I have submitted this game for review to some youtubers and press. This might take time to appear throughout the internet. It will take a month or more. I hope there will be some positive reviews. You can wait before the reviews are coming out. You don't know how the game will be like, isn't it? After you see the people, enjoying by playing this game, you can then decide whether to purchase them or not. It's totally upto you.

15th April, 2015:
Finally, NightmareZ game has been released! This game has a pricing of $2.99. Such prices has been allotted to the game so that every one can purchase the game. This is the price that most gamers can afford.
Get this game here:

Now, I will start with NightmareZ 2! This game will be based on pixel or pseudo pixel art. This game's story is the continuation of NightmareZ 1. However, every thing in NightmareZ 2 is bound to change!

Thank you for your patience. 

9th April, 2015:
I made a promise of showing the game trailer to you. Now the time has come to show the game trailer to you. It is  a short video of nearly 2 minutes. If you are interested then, you can watch it right here!
So, NightmareZ is a roguelike platform and shooter game which you are going to watch in the video given above. Enjoy! 

9th April, 2015:
Finally, I have designed the final level of this game. I will soon create a game trailer and yes it will be viewable first in this blog and then in other websites. I will try to cover most part of the game in the video trailer!

I will provide updates soon!

6th April, 2015:
Finally, the menu system is completed. But the final level design is left. It will take some days though. Now, here is an important announcement. The game, NightmareZ, is expected to be released on 15th April, 2015 and it will be available for purchase from the day onwards. The price of the game has not been decided yet. I will try to keep the price as cheap as possible and it will be within $6 to $10 range. I guess this is the price which is affordable for most of the gamers. 
Now, I want to show you a screenshot of the game where Razor's(main character) brother is fighting against the EYE demon!


 4th April, 2015:
This game seems to be at the last stage which means the game is about to be finished. I know you have been waiting for long for the game to be released. Yeah, it will soon be released. I will announce the date here when I finish 90% of the game. 
I would like to ask you to tell your friends about this game and spread the word.
The game will be first released in the month of April(this month!). Date of the release will be stated here soon.

3rd April, 2015:
Today, I have added and designed another interesting level of the game. This level is named as The Eye of Hell. The player is also given an additional power to use. The power is effective for the enemies especially for the BOSS.
Please take a look at the screenshot given below:

1st April, 2015:
Today, I have successfully designed a new level of this game. I have added a screenshot here to show you the part of that level. There are many enemies and items with many other features. Take a look at the screenshot given below:
It appears that the game development is going smooth. I am working on this game as a full time game developer. I hopefully can finish the game soon.
29th March, 2015:
Now, I am working full time on this game and I hopefully can release this game in the month of April. I have polished and added many features to the game to make it look presentable. Today, I wanna show you a gif and screenshot. The mission of the player is now visible in Mission/Order box. All the interactions and dialogue will be written there too.
Here is how the game looks right now.

24th March, 2015:
Here is a screenshot which shows the progress of this game. I have somehow managed to make GUI for the game, but most portion of the game is still left. If I don't get any support I won't be able to make further. It all depends on you, if you want this game live or die.The specialty of Game Mechanics: As you can see in the image given below. 
1.There is an energy sign at the left corner. According to the game mechanics, it will decrease with time and the player will be given energy powerups but hidden in some pots or boxes etc. 
2. There is a ring which you must collect at any cost which will be used later in the game.
3. The third sign in the box shows how many enemies(ghosts and zombies) you have killed.
4. The third sign is the health of the player. If you get hurt by any ghosts and zombies, the health will decrease. The highest health number is 100.
However, there will be some power ups in the game.(Not completed yet).

 Thank you.

13th March, 2015:
Now, I have started working on my next game which is generally a platform game. Its name is NightMareZ. This is a zombie based game in which there will be zombies of various kinds. This is a funny platform game having flying zombie birds, ghostly creatures and various other features. Some features will soon be added. I will release a complete version(full version of this game) but to do so I need some financial help without which I can't finish this game. 
Here's what I have done till now. The title seems to be a good match for the game. So, here it goes:

Since, it's a platform game, I will try to improve graphics quality and game play. I know there are many people who love to play platform games. I am creating this game for the people who are crazy about these kind of games.

NOTE: I will release this game after I completely finish it.

Thank you.